AARP Advantage or Disadvantage Medicare Supplements.

Everyone has heard of AARP. Let’s discuss the benefits of AARP and Medicare Supplements? When you decide to go with AARP for your health insurance, you are thinking that you are going to a trusted name. After all, AARP gives you great discounts on dining and travel amongst other things. However, AARP doesn’t sell insurance. Most people do not know this fact.

AARP licenses their name to United Healthcare Insurance Company. So when you think you are buying trusted AARP insurance, you are buying United Healthcare insurance. United Healthcare is a well-rated insurance carrier. The problem with AARP (United Healthcare) is there are ten to twelve better rated and better-priced insurance carriers in every state. Thru heavy advertising and a trusted name, AARP has garnered 30% of the United States Medicare supplement market. I sell AARP insurance, but I also sell twenty other Medicare supplement carriers. In almost every case I advise my clients to buy insurance from another Insurance Carrier.

Here are the reasons not to buy AARP supplement insurance.

1. There are better rated and lower premium insurance carriers in your area.

2. AARP raises their rates at a higher yearly percentage than most other carriers.

3. I move more seniors from AARP insurance to a different carrier because of higher rates than all other carriers combined.

4. The government fixes Medicare supplements. So, a Plan G from AARP is the same as a Plan G from Cigna, Aetna, Anthem, Manhattan Life, Thrivent and many others.

5. AARP advertises very heavily on TV and you as the buyer of their insurance are paying for those advertisements thru higher premiums.

Join AARP as a senior to get their discounts on food and travel information. They put out a great magazine for seniors. I subscribe to their magazine, and I am a member of AARP. Just steer clear of their Insurance. There is no advantage to paying more for something when you do not need too. If two bushels of the same strawberries were at the Farmers Market would you buy the more expensive bushel? Medicare insurance is the same; a Plan G is a plan G no matter which insurance carriers sells it to you. I direct my clients to a respected and well-rated Insurance carrier that offers the best rate.

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