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Health Insurance-So what should you do when shopping for health insurance?

You should look at the whole plan: the deductibles, which hospitals are covered and whether specialists you’llsee are in the plan. Don’t take the word of the insurance company. Call your doctor and ask:‘Will you be in this specific plan next year or ask your Insurance tocheck to see if your Dr. is in yournetwork.  Your agent is there to work foryou and answer your health questions. Do not be afraid to ask your agentquestions. 

Do I want a Medicare Advantage Plan?

What are the differences in Medicare Supplement Plans and how do they affect me?

What is the AM Best rating of the insurance carrier?

What carriers have the best pricing?

Do I need a Prescription Drug Plan?

What about Dental, Vision, and Hearing?

Contact Indiana Insurance Alliance and get multiple quotes from multiple carriers?

We can give you a quote and options over the phone or visit you at your home.

Contact: IndianaInsurance Alliance

Website: www.INinsureALL.com

Phone: 765-462-6002

Email: kjones@INinsureALL.com

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